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What you need to know about Form 5500 search all on one web page.

Most people, that include employers or plan sponsors are not aware that the Pension Retirement Plan information on Form 5500 is actually public information which is easy to download. Information on Form 5500 is able to reveal a lot of information about your own retirement plan. The Form 5500 was created for the employee-benefit plans in order to satisfy the reporting requirements annually under the IRS and Title I and Title IV ERISA.

Since January 2010, all the Form 5500’s is electronically filed with the use of the EFAST2 Electronic Filing System. Due to requirements associated with the electronic filings along with the latest open-government policies, it is now possible for anyone to conduct a Form 5500 Search and download this form.

Tips On How To Conduct A Form 5500 Search:

– To begin your search for a specified filing plan, first go to

– On this site you can start your search associated with the sponsor name, plan name, filing ID, plan administrator, the Plan Number (PN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), and acknowledgment ID.

– In most cases, the simplest way to find your plan is to use the plan name. One of the issues with this approach is that in many cases the plans will have a name that is very different to the name of the organization or company is DBA (Doing Business As). If you do not know the exact name of the plan, the next option is to use the exact EIN of an employer. You can also use your pay-stub to find the company EIN.

Things To Be Aware Of:

When you begin your Form 5500 Search, there are a few things to be aware of:

– Plans can in some instance change EINs and names.

– Only the plans which are ERISA covered are available.

– The audit information on the plan is not included on a Short Form 5500 (which means under 100 participants).

– Some of the 5500’s will feature signatures from a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) opposed to a plan sponsor. The TPAs are frequently hired for the purpose of preparing a 5500 plan and will in some cases sign their own signature on the bottom portion of this Form. This person will be named the Plan Admin or Sponsor.

The Purpose Of The Form 5500

The primary purpose of the Form 5500 is to annually report on the particular pension and welfare benefit plans, which contains the information about the investment, financial conditions, and operations plan. This is a form that is co-sponsored by the DOL, IRS and the Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation.

Who Is Allowed To Fill Form 5500 Series?

Any company with the 401 (k) plan or the pension plans are required to file an annual report with the IRS (Internet Revenue Service), PBGC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) and the DOL (Department of Labor). The companies with over 100 employees, that also provide health plans are required to file the Form 5500 welfare schedule.

In the majority of cases, there is a lot to do with not enough time to execute these tasks. As the regulations and rules continue to change, completing this vital documentation on time and in an accurate manner is in many cases complex to manage. For a number of companies, handing this process over to the right consultants knowing that it will be handled and managed correctly is usually a huge relief.

What You Need To Know About And What Is In The Form 550 Company Search

When conducting a Form 5500 Search, it is important to know that this form is made up of the main form along with different schedules and attachments. Typically, the form must be able to represent the characteristics and operations of a plan. A major portion of the Form 5500 is made up of 2 long pages along with information requests associated with the plan like the name, date, plan-sponsor information, plan-administrator information, along with a break-down of the participants involved from the financial year end.

Quality Assurance Review

Reviewing a Form 5500 filings for accuracy and completion is not as simple as it may seem. In some cases, a small detail can result in a significant difference. Once the forms are filed, they are reviewed in order to ensure they reflect the funding arrangements, welfare plan and the offering of a sponsor in an appropriate manner. Content of this forms is also reviewed in order to verify if the filing has been completed with the DOL instructions and guidelines.

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