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Consultant Services for Managing ERISA Compliance Regulations


Are you drowning in paperwork? Our Form 5500 Filing service is your lifebuoy. We streamline the entire process, ensuring your employee benefits plans are IRS and DOL-compliant. No more late fees, no more stress—just smooth sailing. Curious?


We create comprehensive Wrap Plan Forms and SPDs that consolidate all your benefit offerings into a single, easy-to-understand document. This not only simplifies administrative tasks but also minimizes the risk of non-compliance, saving you from potential legal headaches down the line.


Missed a filing deadline? Our DFVCP service (Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program) corrects late filings with reduced penalties, making compliance smooth and worry-free. It’s your fast track to compliance without the hefty fines.


Are you facing a DOL Audit? Don’t panic; we’re your lifeline. Our DOL Audit service deepens into labor practices, ensuring you fully comply with federal standards. We’ll guide you through the audit maze, helping you avoid costly penalties and maintain a clean record. Ready to take control?


Are you navigating the ACA Reporting maze? We’ve got you covered. Our ACA Reporting service ensures you’re fully compliant with IRS requirements, saving you from costly penalties and endless paperwork. Don’t gamble with your business; let us handle the complexities.


Are you worried about IRS penalties? Our Non-Discrimination Testing service is your safety net. We meticulously analyze your employee benefits plans to meet all IRS guidelines. Say goodbye to compliance stress and costly mistakes. Ready to secure your peace of mind?


Are you confused about PCORI Compliance? You’re not alone. Navigating the labyrinth of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) rules can be daunting. But don’t sweat it; we’ve got your back. Our PCORI Compliance service is designed to make the process as smooth as possible.


Stressed about managing your employee benefits? Our POP Documents service is your ticket to peace of mind. We handle all the details, ensuring you meet IRS requirements without breaking a sweat. With our affordable and up-to-date solutions, you’ll sail through tax season like a pro.


Concerned about handling MEWA and Schedule M-1 compliance? Our specialized services are your pathway to ease and assurance. We manage all the complexities, guaranteeing that you meet both federal and state regulations without a hitch. With our cost-effective and current solutions, you’ll navigate compliance challenges like an expert.