Benefits Compliance Consultants LLC: A Tradition of Excellence and Integrity

Established in 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa, Benefits Compliance Consultants, LLC (BC2) specializes in providing ERISA-related compliance solutions. We extend our services to brokers, third-party administrators (TPAs), and direct clients across the United States.

Our reputation for excellence is built upon a foundation of superior customer service, extensive operational capacity, and a high level of expertise. Our team comprises trained professionals who are well-versed in regulatory requirements, proficient in data extraction, and operate with the requisite urgency.

We are committed to ongoing professional development, with team members regularly attending various training sessions throughout the year. Importantly, as a firm exclusively focused on compliance, we are positioned to offer our services without any conflict of interest.

Meet the Benefits Compliance Team

Introducing Our Leader: Iris Thill, Managing Director at Benefits Compliance Consultants, LLC

Iris Thill is a Benefits Compliance Specialist and a Managing Director at Benefits Compliance Consultants, Inc. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing company operations and all ERISA compliance solutions.

Iris manages our partnerships with TPAs, HR firms, brokers, and clients. Iris has over 20 years of experience providing professional consulting on employee benefits, benefits administration, and ERISA compliance.

Before becoming a Managing Director for Benefits Compliance Consultants, LLC., Iris worked in corporate and fiduciary accounting, compliance training, and employee benefit services for Marsh McLennan Companies.

Most notable is her ten years of experience as a Senior Associate, supervising the Form 5500 Service Center for Mercer. She has received numerous recognition throughout her career and is the proud recipient of the coveted TR Award.

Apart from her career aspirations, Iris is a devoted wife and mother, loves to travel, and is an accomplished table tennis and volleyball player.

Tracey Bennett Expert Benefits Compliance Consultant

Meet Our Expert: Tracey Bennett, Benefits Compliance Consultant

Tracey Bennett serves as an ERISA Compliance Subject Matter Expert and Managing Partner, bringing a wealth of expertise from nearly twenty years in legal and regulatory compliance. A proud alumnus of the University of Northern Iowa, where she earned her bachelor’s degree, Tracey has established a distinguished career working with global leaders in compliance.

Her professional journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to assisting clients in navigating the intricate landscape of risk and compliance. Tracey excels in alleviating compliance-related challenges, enabling clients to focus on optimizing their business operations with greater efficiency and confidence.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Tracey is passionate about exploring new destinations and cherishes quality time spent with her family. Her interests provide her with a well-rounded perspective and enrich her professional interactions and insights.

Tracey Bennett Expert Benefits Compliance Consultant