Putting Humanity Into HR Compliance

Putting Humanity Into HR Compliance

What is HR? Why it is Criticized?

Human Resources is a term that came about in the 1960’s which describes the development and management of employees within an organization. Human Resources often is focused upon a range of goals from recruiting new staff, to benefits and general compensation, to training, employee relations, and general development of an organization. Human Resources key focus is working with people, yet it often can be thought of as an impersonal and more allied with the organization it is a part of than actual employee needs and desires. How can HR work to put the, “Humanity,” back in Human Resources and compliance with it.

Compliance and the Humanity Within HR

Don’t Make it Win-Lose

If an employee has a concern about something or someone they bring to the attention of HR, it should always be avoided making it a win-lose situation. The person reporting and the one being reported upon for compliance concerns should both be treated with respect and it made clear everyone loses when compliance is not met.” There just is a concern and it is being addressed in a professional and caring manner.

Focus on Employee Strengths

If the only thing employees ever hear from Human Resources is what they are doing wrong or their weaknesses in an organization they will become angry with HR and view it in a negative light. By having employees feel reassured and supported by a HR that compliments their compliance and skills, they will think of HR as a, “Resource,” just as the title, “Human Resources,” should impart.

Encourage Dialogue and Debate–When it is Appropriate

If there are policies and compliance concerns that employees want to discuss or debate, encourage that–where appropriate. As long as it is clear certain subjects are beyond consideration or alteration, employees should feel comfortable coming forward with ideas and suggestions about improvements to concerns that can be changed.

Be Approachable

If HR gives-off the appearance of being standoffish or only interested in causing employees to feel upset, no one will want to actually discuss compliance with HR. When employees think of Human Resources as having ample humanity and being an approachable entity, that will work wonders for optimization.

Above All Else Make it Clear HR is a Partner, Not a Critic

HR is there to help employees be the best they can, it is a partner. Coming-off instead as a critic eager to point-out flaws makes HR look like it only is present to discuss flaws. As listed above, don’t make it win-lose, focus on strengths, encourage dialogue/debate, be approachable, and otherwise make it abundantly clear HR is there to be a partner in making an organization succeed and in achieving optimal compliance, not a critic to be viewed with scorn.

Unending Process

Putting Humanity into HR Compliance is a process that does not ever end. It is a continuous process to make sure employees know HR is there to help them be their best, not an opponent or problem. As long as HR maintains its efforts to put, “Humanity,” into, Human Resources, it will always serve an organization quite well.

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